Lutine turns 29

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Born in 1989, along with a generation of millennials, Lutine is going to hit the ‘big 3-0’ this time next year. Almost thirty years providing business and personal protection through a constantly evolving network of professional intermediaries in a market sector which has seen many changes.

It’s a relationship we’ll never take for granted and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank those partners, old and new, for your support.

As we head towards our big 3-0, Apple have announced in the US this week, that they’re collating individual medical records into their iphone health app. So the Life industry is in for a shake-up, and there’s one thing for sure, it’ll be the next three years (rather than thirty years!) where focussing on delivering product and service value and ultimately maintaining relationships will be key to competing in this space.

However – as it’s our birthday today, let’s go back in time and jog the memories of those who can remember back to1989….in that year:

• Music – The artist with the most top 10 singles was Jason Donovan, who had 6 entries (albeit 1 was with Kylie).
• Christmas – The top kids present was the Nintendo Gameboy in a time before mobile phones and social media!
• Film – The best grossing film was the 3rd Indiana Jones film ‘The Last Crusade’.
• Car – The best-selling was the ubiquitous Ford Escort; in a year when Ford paid £1.6bn from Jaguar
• Tech – Sir Tim Berners-Lee created ‘hypertext markup language’ HTML
• Football – Laurie Cunningham (first Englishman to play for Real Madrid) died, and Gareth Bale born (first Welshman to play for Real Madrid)

…and for those who know me, there is of course a cycling reference.

• Cycling – The 1989 Tour De France was the closest ever run with US rider Greg LeMond winning by a margin of just 8 seconds after 21 stages and over 2,000 miles! Now there’s a lesson in keeping focused.

Andy Coles
Lutine Director