Business Protection

Group Life is the historic cornerstone of Lutine’s business. We have over 20 years experience in this market place so we’ve had time to develop and refine our Group Life offering to the point where we believe we are now market leaders in the provision of Group Life solutions, especially under 100 lives.

In the past smaller businesses may have been put off Group Life by the administration involved in setting up their own trust and on-going HMRC reporting responsibilities for registered schemes. Opting into Lutine’s Master Trust provides a more accessible way for SME’s to offer tax-free lump sum death benefits to their employees.

All Group Life scheme members qualify for automatic membership of our Lutine Lifestyles online employee benefit platform.

Small business can be dis-proportionally affected by the death of a key member of staff. Lutine provides bespoke solutions for Keyperson, Shareholder & Partnership Protection to give protection against the potential upheaval which can have a devastating effect to small business.

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